Exhibition text

The text below was installed in 109 Cornwall Street while the exhibition and shop were open there.


West End Day Trip

West End Day Trip is a visual art initiative developed by Plymouth College of Art and supported by the City Centre Company. The project celebrates the West End area of Plymouth through a range of merchandise featuring iconic architecture and objects as well as text and landscapes.  The merchandise and the images featured on them were created by young adults aged 16 to 18 based at 109, Cornwall Street, Plymouth.

Between October and December 2012 these young adults participated in a series of workshops with artist and crafts people. The artists and crafts persons work across different mediums and are all successful practitioners based in the South West.  During the workshops the group would develop new art skills as well as finding out more about the social, historical and visual context of the area around 109. The emphasis was on site visits, observation and conversation alongside encouraging independent creativity and vision.

Following the workshops the group worked to identify items of merchandise. The decisions they had to take included amongst others production costs and saleability. Working alongside a product designer they selected, collated and refined images they had made during the workshops which would then feature on the merchandise.  These images were then handed over to the designer and merchandise production companies for final development prior to production. Throughout this process the young people gained a Social Enterprise Qualification.

The high standard of the images produced and the merchandise are a testament to the young adults emerging confidence in themselves as artists and makers. The products on sale, the exhibition that took place at 109 and the documentation on the project blog all evidence their commitment and we hope will also encourage you to visit the West End!

The West End Day Trip Merchandise has been created by:

Andrew Lockley

Kamrol Miah

Natasha Simpson

Tommy Heale

These products are also on sale at the Plymouth Arts Centre and Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery.


Gareth Ballyn

West End Day Trip curator


The West End Day Trip is one activity delivered through the For Arts Sake! Project. This project is funded through European Social Funding and is designed to support and engage young people aged 16-18 not currently in employment, education or training.


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