Shopping list: skylines, tower blocks, cauliflower, iced finger, pastie and a crabs claw

Workshop Seven

29th November

Project curator Gareth Ballyn and artist Holly Smith paid another visit to 109 today.  Out and about up to the top of the nearby multi storey to do some skyline drawing and then a few last chances to draw the iconic buildings of Plymouths West End.  Then back to 109 to finish off and tidy up work ready for Holly to take away and work up into designs for merchandise.  The For Arts Sake group also did some observational drawings of objects purchased from around and about in the West End.


Shop stitch

Workshop Five and Six

Thursday 15th and 22nd Nov

Artist and craftsperson Alice Crawford ran two workshops with the group.  The group worked individually to use their images and design work from previous sessions and incorporate them onto a pencil case or bag.  This workshop involved not only design but also mastering the sewing machines!

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Workshop Four

Thursday 8th Nov

Large scale collaborative work today.  Artist Andy Bolton led the group through a process which resulted in them making a striking work in the shop window of 109.

Andy said they ” Created one image from everyone’s drawings, rather than maintaining ownership of their own personal imagery. The other thing they did involved  drawing on a large scale. They then also explored the whole process of using positive/negative space and clearing some areas of the window completely to allow transparency in parts, semi-opacity in other parts”

Some images below of the architecture that inspired the group as well as them at work and the final finished piece.

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Workshop Three

Thursday 1st Nov

Artist Kate Marshall took the group on a shopping trip to the fantastic Pannier Market in the West End.  During the trip the group were looking for inspiration and also for materials to mark make and work with…

Black, white and colour!

Workshop Two

Thursday 25th October

Artist Holly Smith led the second workshop.  Picking up where they left off last session the For Arts Sake group did some more site visits and sketching.  They then added more detail to their collages.  The workshop finished with a large scale collaborative piece on the wall of the For Arts Sake space at 109, Cornwall Street.

These designs are going to look stunning on the merchandise the group will be designing to be on sale soon!

Some more pics of the artists at work…

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Off we go!…

Workshop One

Thursday 18th October

Artist Holly Smith led todays workshop.  The For Arts Sake group firstly had a look at Holly’s work and in particular her designs for merchandise.

They then headed out into the West End armed with sketchbooks to begin to make line drawings.

After lunch everyone worked individually to make collages that used their line drawings, archive images of the area, coloured paper and found materials.

Some pics below of workshop and work in progress…