Some nice reading…

Visitors to 109 have taken the time to write feedback in the visitors book.  Makes for some nice reading…

visitors book 2 visitors book 1


Stuff to buy teaser

Merchandise is now arriving from printers and manufacturers.  Have a gander at this lot! Come and see (and buy) when the West End Day Trip shop opens.  More info coming soon.

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Workshop Eight

Thursday 6th Dec

Artist Holly Smith and project curator Gareth Ballyn ran the last workshop of the project.  Off to the market to make lists of ‘local’ words and phrases, these will be used on merchandise.  Then after a warm cuppa settling down to do some drawing on trainers.  Some pics below:

IMG_9073 IMG_9104 IMG_9086 IMG_9087  SAM_3386


Laura, Holly and Gareth are beavering away working with printers and designers to take the visuals made by the group and apply them to an exciting range of merchandise.

Keep your eyes peeled in early 2013 when the West End Day Trip exhibition at 109 that will launch the range of fantastic products designed by the For Arts Sake group!


Workshop Three

Thursday 1st Nov

Artist Kate Marshall took the group on a shopping trip to the fantastic Pannier Market in the West End.  During the trip the group were looking for inspiration and also for materials to mark make and work with…